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 Why MyDigiPassword plug-in and dashboard?
At the moment, the combination of login and password is common used on the internet. It’s not the most secure way to identify on the internet, different platforms have Two-factor authentication (2FA) to improve more security. Similarly, AntumID has developed a highly secured authentication system with DigiByte (Digi-ID) to identify using QR codes and removes the passwords for good.  Meanwhile, more than 95% of all platforms are still provided with login and password, this will not change quickly in the coming years, because not all platforms opt for highly secure log-in systems. That is why the idea has arisen to offer a concrete solution to tackle today's problems and to make people feel in this way that there are systems to never have to remember, save and forget passwords again and to have the risks greatly reduced by some. Take measures whereby the end user can decide for himself whether or not to protect himself.
   Step 1 - Download
  Step 2 - Install plug-in for your browser
  Where can i use DigiPassword 2FA and (2FA/eID)